We already know that sex sells. So it is no surprise that a long list of celebrities began their career selling sex. That is to say that they started out providing naked pics of their bodies or doing nudity before they became famous. Some celebrities had jobs as strippers or even porn stars before they became famous. This is not to take anything away from them for initially choosing those professions. After all, we all have to make a living somehow. Still, once you’re famous, everything changes. Or all of the things that you have done in the past come to be more scrutinized.

Although being a stripper is not actually selling your naked pics or sex pictures, you are still selling sex. The only difference is that most people who see you will take the nude pics of you in their thoughts or memories. Having a naked pic of someone via you seeing them visually is about the same. The only difference is that you can’t print it or upload to a site. Nonetheless, we are pretty certain that many of these celebrities who were strippers or porn stars before they became famous, had naked pics of themselves taken. Fact is that many strippers let you take naked or nude picture of them for a small fee or a tip. But, they have probably have never been made public or are out there somehow and just haven’t been found.

One celebrity who you may not believe that actually began her career as a porn star is Cameron Diaz. The all American girl with her sweet and innocent face, is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. However, there was a time, when Cameron Diaz had sex pics of herself via soft porn movies being sold. Once you decide to take your clothes off in front of the camera, it is the same thing as taking a sex picture of yourself. A person would just need to take a still image from the video, and turn it into a sex pic. Worse yet, they can turn it into a porn GIF image.

Before Cameron Diaz became the famous and widely known celebrity that she is today, she did soft-core porn. She began her early career doing it as way to make it. Luckily for Cameron, she struck it big back in 1994 in the movie The Mask. Once she had enough money, Miss Diaz bought the rights to the softcore porn movie she made. By doing so, she guaranteed that no one else would ever see her in that porn movie.

Another now famous celebrity who started out her career stripping and selling sex pics or naked pics of herself was Amber Rose. The actress, female rapper and talk show host began stripping at the young age of 15. Back then, her stripping name was Paris. In Amber’s defense, she now says she stripped as a way to provide for her family after her parents divorced. She has come a long way from selling sex pics of herself – whether visually – or digitally. Amber is now married to the famous rapper, singer and actor, Wiz Khalifa.

Lady Gaga is one of the most popular and controversial female singers of our time. But before she became famous for her many hit songs, Lady Gaga was a stripper. She danced nude in go-go bars and sold naked pics of herself to make ends meet. Back then, she was better known as Stefani Germanotta.  These days, Lady Gaga is still taking naked pics or sex pictures of herself. She has posed in the nude several times. Lady Gaga is used to controversy and the attention she gets from posing nude or by her naked pics being made public. Some even argue that she loves the attention her naked pics bring her.

Not all celebrities who began their career selling sex pics of themselves are females. There are many male celebs who started out as porn stars, strippers or something along those lines in order to make money. One of the most famous actors in Hollywood began his career selling sex pictures and sex videos of himself. The Oscar winning screenwriter Sylvester Stallone, may be best known for his role as Rocky and Rambo. However, before that, he made several pornographic movies. One of them is titled The Party At Kitty.

Even though Stallone had a small role in that film, and actually delivered his lines pretty awfully, he wound up becoming a star. It is safe to assume that no one back then thought that would happen. If they did, there would have been many more sex pics or naked pics of Sylvester Stallone available on the web today. Another male Hollywood star who began his career as porn star, is the martial arts expert and actor, Jackie Chan. Other celebrities who stripped or sold naked pics of themselves, are female rapper and actress Eve and actor Chris Pratt. You also have celebrity Courtney Love, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Carmen Electra and even Brad Pitt who stripped once as well. The late beautiful Ana Nicole Smith bares mentioning, as does actor Channing Tatum.

The reality is that many famous celebs did not have a problem with showing their bodies in the nude for money. Still, most fans would give anything to get a hold of the sex pictures or naked pics of them now.