The Best Online Photo Editor

Every professional photographer or photography novice knows the struggle that no matter how well you shoot your pictures, there are always little things to fix and retouch afterward. This article addresses this issue with regards to the most crucial aspect of product photography: photo editing.

There has been many photo editor available now online. But I’ve only listed the most famous photo editor which includes apps, software, and services- that you can use either free or paid to make your photographs more alluring.

Gimp – GIMP is the most sophisticated photo editor software with a free image-editing tool. You can use it to edit, draw, and retouch. Simply download the GIMP software, and you’re ready to make some magic with your photographs.

Pixlr – The Pixlr Editor is one of the most widely used image editors online which you can download it as an app or use it on your browser. It has three editions, Pixlr Editor, Pixlr O-Matic, and Pixlr Express which are all free! The latter two can also be used as apps.

Fotor – Want to edit online, directly on your browser? Take a look at Fotor. It offers editing and beauty retouching. Most cool is its High Dynamic Range feature: you can take three photos at different exposures to combine them into a single image, with the best light and tone from each of the separate photos.

Photoshop Express – Unlike any other very expensive Photoshop software, Photoshop Express is an app that you can just download for free! You can you fix red-eye, crop,  and even share on social media, and more. It is similar Photoshop Touch but slightly fewer functionalities.

Snappa – Want to create your own graphics for blog posts, social media profiles, and advertisements? Take a look at Snappa. Snappa is another photo editor that provides access to over 200 fonts, 3,500 graphics, and over 20,000 royalty-free photos. It’s free to download up to 5 files per month, or $10 a month for unlimited downloads.

There are so many other apps, software, and services where you can edit your pictures. The ones featured in this article are those that are highly reputable and offer amazing functionalities to enhance your photographs. As your photography skills improve and have an idea on where to edit them,  you no longer have an excuse for poor-looking products.

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